Some Useful Microsoft Office Tips And Code

I have put some tips and macro code for Microsoft Office that might be of use to the general public. Some of the following code requires know a little bit about VBA/Office Macros, but should be relatively easy to use.

Note:The following pages are best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better.

Key/Value Lookup in Microsoft Access

This page has a couple of VBA routines that make it very easy to store Key/Value type information in a Microsoft Access database. The routines should work in Access 97 and above.

Insert Directory File Listing Into Word

This page has the code for a macro, that when called, will pop-up a "Browse For Folder" dialog box. When a folder is then selected, a llist of all of the files in the folder will be inserted into word. The macro should work in Word 2000 and above, and may work with Word 97.

How To Use Conditional Formatting In Excel To Highlight Every Other Row

This page doesn't use any VBA code. It shows how to highlight alternate rows in an Excel worksheet that remain consistent even if you add or delete a row.

How To Extract Images From Word

This page shows how to use extract all of the images from a Word 2000 (and above) document.