Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Succubus Club IRC Chat Transcripts

— Matt Harris @ 9:06 pm

I have posted the following Succubus Club IRC Chat Transcripts, bringing me up to date:

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Harry Potter & the Heir of Ancients

— Matt Harris @ 8:29 pm

Fic Title: Harry Potter & the Heir of Ancients
Author: anon2
Links: Harry Potter & the Heir of Ancients On Fanfiction.Net
Content: PG-13
Status: Work in progress
Rating: P – Poor

The first thing I notice about any fanfic is the language. Nothing turns me off a fic faster than poor grammar and spelling. Examples: Using “looser” for “loser”, “they’re” instead of “their” (and vice versa), “then” as opposed to “than”, etc. Harry Potter & the Heir of the Ancients doesn’t have any sort of problem like that – it is very well written from the viewpoint of grammar and spelling. It is certainly better written than any of my posts on this site. I still have major problems with this fic, though.

The chief problem I have with Harry Potter & the Heir of the Ancients is the plot. In my humble opinion, the fic is a Mary Sue, with Harry as the perfect character…a “Harry” Sue, if you will.

Just some examples of things that I disliked (spoilers ahead): (more…)

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Greedo Shoots First

— Matt Harris @ 1:25 pm

I don’t recall where I got this (lousy short-term memory, but here is a funny webcomic dealing with the excreable change in the Star Wars DVDs wherein Greedo shoots first. Without further ado, may I present: The Emperor’s Court!.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Inserting Symbol Fonts In A Textbox On A UserForm

— Matt Harris @ 6:28 pm

I recently had cause to develop a UserForm, to be called from Excel, that would allow a user to select a symbol from a group of favorites. Not wanted to use an ActiveX control, I placed 40 textboxes on the form, in rows of 10 each. The idea was I would set the font and character at runtime, reading from a list stored in Excel.

There was a problem. If the font was different from that set at design-time, the symbol would be incorrect, generally showing up as a standard alphanumeric character. After about 2 hours of frustration and searching the web, I found the solution. There is a little documented font property (it wasn’t mentioned in the help files at all) called charset. This property is 0 for normal character sets and needs to be set to 2 for Symbol characters to show up. Example:

Textbox1.Font.Name ="Wingdings"
Textbox1.Font.Charset = 2

Once I did this, the symbols would show up normally.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Tonight’s Succubus Club IRC Chat Transcipt Up

— Matt Harris @ 9:24 pm

I have posted the transcript to tonight’s Succubus Club IRC Chat…the first in 2005.

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Monday, January 3, 2005

Cormarian Campaign Log Has Been Updated

— Matt Harris @ 9:08 pm

I have updated the campaign log for my Cormarian campaign. The log now contains a summary of the events during the Decemeber 18th session.

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3.5 Magic Items Systems Resource Document

— Matt Harris @ 8:16 pm

I have combined the Magic Items files for the 3.5 Systems Resource Document into a single Word 2000 document and formatted it with a Table of Contents, Index, etc. The Word document may be found here. It may be found here in PDF format. Both files are zipped.

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Last Chat Transcript of 2004 Now Posted

— Matt Harris @ 7:56 pm

I have posted last Wednesday’s Succubus Club IRC Chat transcript.

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