Sunday, September 10, 2006

Get The Active Control In A UserForm

— Matt Harris @ 11:05 am

Recently, I had the need to find the active control on a UserForm for a dialog box I was creating for Word 2003. The problem was that most of my controls were on a MultiPage control. Whenever the active control was on the MultiPage, UserForm.ActiveControl returned the MultiPage, not the control I wanted.

My solution was to write the following function, GetActiveControl which would essentially ignore MultiPages and Frames to return the “real” active control:

Public Function GetActiveControl(ByRef Source As UserForm) As Control
Dim Ctl As Control
  Set Ctl = GetSubActiveControl(Source.ActiveControl)
  Set GetActiveControl = Ctl
End Function

Private Function GetSubActiveControl(Ctl As Control) As Control
Dim CtlType As String
  CtlType = TypeName(Ctl)
  Select Case CtlType
  Case "MultiPage"
    Set Ctl = Ctl.SelectedItem.ActiveControl
    Set Ctl = GetSubActiveControl(Ctl)
  Case "Frame"
    Set Ctl = Ctl.ActiveControl
    Set Ctl = GetSubActiveControl(Ctl)
  End Select
  Set GetSubActiveControl = Ctl
End Function

As you can see, I use a private recursive function to do the real work of finding the control. I suppose I could have done it some other way, but this seemed to be the most straightforward.

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Most Stupid Gamers Ever

— Matt Harris @ 10:51 am

Is this thing still on? Seems like I haven’t updated in ages. My D&D campaign is kaput, so I am trying to figure out what exactly to do with the site.

Anyway, during my never-ending voyages through the web, I came across the following gem. I’ve seen PCs do some stupid things, but never quite like this. It is about 10 years old, but I had never seen it before so I’d thought I’d share:

The most stupid gamers ever.

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