Monday, January 15, 2007

Bungle in the Jungle

— Matt Harris @ 5:34 pm

Fic Title: Bungle in the Jungle
Author: JBern
Links: Bungle in the Jungle on, Bungle in the Jungle on
Content: M-Mature
Status: Complete
Rating: E-Excellent

A recommendation on the Dark Lord Potter forums pointed me at JBern’s AU summer of fifth year fic, Bungle in the Jungle.. After reading the first chapter, I was addicted. JBern is an superb storyteller and while there are a couple of grammatical errors here and there, the quality of the story is such that they barely seem noticeable.

One of the key features about the story is that it is written in the second person, which is very rare. It works out very well here, as JBern uses it to envelop the reader in Harry’s experience. The battle scenes in particular, benefit heavily from the usage of the second person.

Some of the key features in Bungle in the Jungle include:

Currently, Bungle in the Jungle is my favorite fic (at least of those that are regularly updated) and I recommend it highly.

Note: Bungle in the Jungle on requires registration to read. The registration is worth it despite the story also being on due to the high overall quality of

Update 05/20/07: Jbern has finished the story. Changed the Status to Complete.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Site Upgrade

— Matt Harris @ 7:09 pm

I am slowly working on upgrading the site, so the paginate plugin is disabled. In addition, there may be some outages in the future (for the weblog piece only) until the upgrade is complte.

Update: The site upgrade is complete. I have upgraded from WordPress 1.2 to 2.06. With the addition of the Bad Behavior plugin and some of the WordPress changes, hopefully I won’t see nearly as much comment spam.

Update 2: I spoke too soon. WordPress changed the way permalinks worked and it screwed up access to individual posts. Fixed, I believe.

We now return to¬†our regularly scheduled lack of posting…

Actually, I plan on posting more frequently; that was one of the reasons for upgrading.

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