Thursday, June 10, 2004

Harry Potter and the Rising Darkness

— Matt Harris @ 7:10 pm

Fic Title: Harry Potter and the Rising Darkness
Author: kyc639
Links: Harry Potter and the Rising Darkness on
Content: Mystery story. Rated PG-13 by author.
Status: Complete
Rating: A-Acceptable

Harry Potter and the Rising Darkness by kyc639 is mystery story set after Harry Potter leaves Hogwarts and becomes an auror. It is a Harry/Hermione shipper fic, although that is not the main plotline.

I have mixed feelings about this story – it is well written from a grammatical point of view and has lots of potential. Harry’s characterization is well done and the original character of Robert Toms is rather interesting. The groundwork for the mystery is laid out rather nicely also. Where I feel the fic falls short is in the endgame. The mystery is very straightforward…nary a red herring in sight. What is a mystery without at least one detour leading the character(s) and reader astray? We don’t learn much about the main villain(s) in the story either…they seem rather flat and one dimensional, as does kyc639’s characterization of Hermione. While I am a Harry/Hermione shipper, it just doesn’t interest me in this story.

Overall, Harry Potter and the Rising Darkness is better than the average fanfic, but it didn’t leave me wanting to reread it or hope for a sequel, which is why I rated it merely A-Acceptable.

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